Discount Coupon Code Link Extension for Magento 2 / M2

Discount Coupon Code Link Extension for Magento 2 / M2

Discount Coupon Code Link extension for Magento 2 automatically generates a link for all of your shopping cart discount coupon codes. When the link is clicked, a discount coupon code will be applied automatically for shoppers/customers on the shopping cart page once that coupon code condition is satisfied. It is great to use these coupon links in newsletter campaigns, emails, marketing blogs or posts, online/offline ads, social media posting or in any promotional tools.

Once the coupon code link is clicked, it will automatically apply the coupon code to a shopping cart where products are added, provided the coupon code is valid and conditions are satisfied. An eye-catching lightbox popup, with a pre-configured message, will be visible when the coupon code applies. Easy configuration of miscellaneous scripts, success message, lightbox popup and custom redirection URL settings are available. You can also view the count of how many times coupon code link is clicked.

This extension is very easy to use and well documented. It does not overwrite any Magento core files, so it works fine with custom templates also.

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Business Value

Discount Coupon Code Link extension provides the ability to have unique URLs for discount coupon codes, so store admin can use these URLs in their marketing materials to promote the discount they are going to offer to their customers. Customers can then simply click the coupon link URL and add products in the cart and coupon will apply automatically in the cart if conditions are matched, so this way it will take away the complexity for users to remember the coupon code or manually insert the coupon code in the cart page.

Key Features

  • This extension supports multi website and multi store setup.
  • It is very easy and quick to install, enable, disable and uninstall the extension as per Magento standard ways.
  • Allows to view all discount coupon codes in a grid view with their auto generated coupon code links.
  • Admin can add their desired redirect URL in case if they want the user to land on that specific url after clicking that coupon code link. In case they want their users to stay on the same page of store after clicking on the coupon code link, then they can use the coupon code link without redirection option.
  • Admin can view the count of how many times a coupon code link is clicked.
  • Admin can use the coupon code link in newsletter campaigns, emails, marketing blogs or posts, online/offline ads, social media posting, promotional banners on website or in any promotional tools to make their customers aware about their promotion with a direct link to their store which will auto apply that specific coupon code in the cart.
  • There is a general option in extension configuration to enable / disable popup message after clicking coupon code link. Success message and image in a popup can be personalized also. The success message can be added / changed at the coupon code link level also in case if you want to show a different success message for any specific coupon code link.
  • The coupon code link failed message and image can be added / changed in general.
  • Admin can enable / disable coupon code link generation for auto generated coupon codes also.
  • There is an option available in extension configuration to add any script like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, tag manager or any other tracking code or script, which will be executed when the coupon code link is clicked by any user. So this way admin can track the statistics of their Google AdWords or any other campaign.
  • There is an option to reload all the coupon codes, which will create links for all the existing coupon codes and this option is useful if your Magento store is existing since long time and you have many coupon codes created already. So, whenever you add a new coupon code, it will get listed automatically with the coupon code link in coupon code links grid view.
  • This extension is developed using Magento best programming practices and it is 100% open code, so you can customize the extension code, if required, without any hassles.

Extension Demos

Take a quick look on the below demo link to review the extension features and experience it in real-time by checking front-end and backend of the extension demo site.
Demo landing page


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