28 Apr 2021 IN SEO

7 tips that prove a mobile-friendly website is important

These days, mobile usage is rapidly increasing because we have entered into a new phase of the internet where websites must be optimized for mobile devices. Now, anyone can read website content on mobile from any corner of the world. There was a time when web pages were not accessible through mobiles but now, most of the websites are accessible through mobile devices with its mobile-friendly web page designs. In this writing, we go through the importance of mobile-friendly websites and how they will help you to generate a high return on investments online.

Today, most of the desktop traffic has moved to mobile devices. According to one recent studies show that more than 50% of traffic is now coming from mobile or mobile apps. In this scenario, if your website is difficult to navigate on a mobile then it’s a warning sign. Because according to Google reports, 61% of people jump to another site if it fails to provide a better mobile experience.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

What is a mobile-friendly website?

In simple terms, mobile-friendly websites are websites that function well on mobile devices and other modern devices including tablets and iPad. Mobile-friendly websites tend to work better on small screens. There is a number of website template options available in the market so that you can create a unique mobile-friendly website design and display all your website content on all devices.

Nowadays, more people are accessing online information for any service or product requirements from their mobile and so it is vital to make your website mobile-friendly by including features like bigger text, easy navigation, touch-friendly buttons, and fast downloading speed.

Before you move on to the importance of mobile-friendly websites, have a look at a few statistics.

Stats on mobile-friendly website

  • The normal mobile user invests 127 minutes in mobile apps daily which is 60 minutes more than we consume on the web, & only 41 minutes short of the 168 minutes we watch TV. (techcrunch)
  • 93.3% of small business owners’ websites aren’t mobile-friendly, and an astounding 80% of consumers employ a smartphone to investigate and shop (Searchengineland)
  • Roughly 60% of Americans own a Smartphone (ABC.com)
  • The average consumer checks their smartphone 46 times a day (Time)
  • 64% of decision-makers read email on their smartphone (Salesforce)
  • 71% of mobile searchers expect mobile site pages to load as fast or faster than desktop (Hubspot)

Why is a mobile-friendly website important?

Having just a website is not enough nowadays because most of the online business is done through a mobile device and so, to reach a wider audience you need to make the website fingertip friendly. With a little more effort on web design, you can build the best mobile-friendly website that gives a positive experience. There are several key advantages of having a mobile-friendly website and they are:

  • TBetter search visibility
  • Improved user experience
  • A quick hike in lead generation
  • TStrong brand identity

With a mobile-friendly website, you can target more visitors in a short span and have a better chance to turn them into business.

If you own a website, you can check its mobile compatibility here.

(This is an example of mobile-friendly website result.)

Consider below 6 tips that show the importance of a mobile-friendly website.

1. It’s a must for Google

As per the recent Google algorithm change, the optimized website will rank better. So, if your website is not optimized for mobiles, it will not rank better in Google search results and suitable for SEO. Google gives priority to mobile-friendly websites over traditional websites. You will get a clear idea and understanding after looking at the below graph that shows the number of mobile searches that occurred in the years 2014 to 2019.

2. It’s convenient

The mobile market is increasing day-by-day and most people carry out their tasks through mobile devices from ticket booking to reserving a table for the dinner. The main reasons for high mobile usage are convincing and speed. Because today, we all want to connect quickly with the latest trends and technologies.

3. It’s reliable

A mobile-friendly website helps to build trust among your clients and influencers in the industry. It also helps to build credibility by delivering a proper user experience. Your clients can instantly contact you with clickable buttons and they will also have instant access to required information.

4. It’s a best practice

When it comes to a mobile-friendly website, quality content comes first. Optimized content is easily available both on mobile devices and desktops and users will enjoy the same kind of browsing experience. With the help of responsive web design, mobile optimization became straight.

5. It attracts more customers

When a potential customer comes online and accesses your site, he will get all the required information from any device and platform. Additionally, only a mobile-friendly website can deliver an excellent user experience and make your visitors happy with easy site navigation. Best of all, a happy visitor will also tell about your website to others.

6. Fascinating look & feel of your website

With a mobile-friendly web design, your website will look amazing on any device be it mobile or desktop. A responsive design of your website will work and look better in any case. An optimized website for mobile makes a positive impact on the client’s mind.

7. Your website will become modern

A website is a perfect model to deliver unique services and necessary information online. If you make your website mobile-friendly, it will accessible with just a fingertip from any corner of the world. Your site also becomes the latest and advanced as it adapts modern functionality and compatibility for a mobile device.

How you improve the mobile content of your site?

Now that, you know the importance of a mobile-friendly website, you also need to make website content mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly content is essential and also bound to attract more visitors and turn them into business.

No matter what type of changes or adjustment you will make, here are 3 different ways that will help you to improve mobile content of your site and make your website looks best on any devices.

1. By limiting pop-ups

On desktop, it is very easy to navigate different tabs when pop-ups open. But, it does not the same with a mobile device. More pop-ups damage the user experience of mobile. This annoying interruption also hurts your SEO. So, you should be limiting pop-ups when you are thinking of a mobile-friendly website.

2. By using percentages for width

If you have a mobile-friendly website, you need to use CSS style sheets by specifying the width of elements including images and columns based on percentage and pixel.

3. By getting distraction out of the way

If you want your user to access website content quickly then you need to make sure to avoid excessive elements that distract visitors. More elements may cause the page to jump around the mobile devices and visitors can not access your content easily.


After considering this piece of writing, you know the importance of a mobile-friendly website and content. If you still own a basic website, turn it into a mobile-friendly website today and start attracting more visitors and potential customers. If you don’t do that, you might put your site at risk. Adapt the common practice of a mobile-friendly website without thinking much and make your site more attractive by generating more traffic.

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