14 Oct 2020 IN Magento

Hacked Magento – Symptoms, Action, and Prevention

Magento is an open source e-commerce framework that was designed to make it easier for sellers to setup the online store. Since the eCommerce site processes a large number of customer that makes the transaction on the website using different payment information and which is the the primary target of hackers.

So, in this article we have put together step by step Magento hacked removal techniques to pull you out of this crisis with a set of security audits.

Symptoms of a hacked Magento store

Administration panel and content issues

You are not able to login into the Admin panel or there are new users with Administrators rights. Also, unwanted changes have been made to your store content.

Reported data theft

Customers report suspicious activities with their accounts as well as customers raise complaints over misuse of their credit card details.

Poor performance

Your store doesn’t appear in the search results and it’s blacklisted by search engines. The store gets unsolicited redirects and shows a significant drop in traffic. Also, unauthorized malicious code may be in your website.

Web store unavailability

Your store is constantly or regularly unavailable. Your store is blocked by the hosting providers suspends your website for malicious activity.

Increase the shopping cart abandonment

Checkout page has additional scripts or forms that stolen money on sales and increases cart abandonment.


SPAM users are able to create an account and signup with newsletter forms.

Action/prevention of hacked magento store

Deep scanning for malware

You can use magento scanning or any third party scanning tools to scan your Magento store for malware.

Fixes and patches installation

You can install all missing security patches which are released by Magento.

Two-factor authentication introduction

You can enable the Two-factor authentication from the back-end which is provided by the Magento.

User permissions check

You can check each files and folder permission and ownership also.

Magento extensions review

You can review all third party installed extensions one by one.

Backup plan

You can schedule the backup of your database and files.

Upgrade the Magento with latest version

You can upgrade the Magento with the latest version also if you are using the older Magento version.

Clean hacked files and tables

You can clean hacked files of websites and tables of databases.

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