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How to start a fashion blog & make it popular in 2023

Do you have a passion for fashion? Or you are a breed by fashion then it might be an excellent idea to start a fashion blog

“According to Business Insider, fashion and style brands are forecast to spend up to $15 billion by 2022. They spend on everything from promoted posts and content to free samples, trips, and more.”


Being a passionate fashionista, you might have checked famous bloggers and influencers on social media platforms. You may envy successful fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers’ lifestyles. But, have you ever wonder how these people make money online? And how they afford their pampering lifestyle products including branded clothes and makeup? These all possible because of social media marketing. They earn through online brand promotions, blog marketing, and other ways of marketing.

Having an eye on the latest fashion trends could result in the best money-making alternative.
If you are thinking of starting a brand new fashion blog then this blog has everything for you. Through the blog, you can share your fashion styles with the world. This is the right place to showcase the best things related to fashion and let the world know about your impeccable fashion styles.

You can easily share your fashion expertise online through an interesting blog. However, it can be challenging if you don’t know how to publish a blog. You might be confused about where to start.

No worries because this is normal to every novice fashion blogger and starting a fashion blog is not a daunting task. You need to follow a few steps to take your ideas into the blog. With the help of this guide, we’ll take you through the complete journey of a fashion blog.

To launch a successful fashion blog in 2023 and make money online, simply follow the eight steps below.

Step 1 – Identify your fashion niche

When you have decided to launch a fashion blog to rule 2023, you first need to identify the most suitable fashion niche. Because a perfect fashion niche is the foundation of a successful business.

So, why is niche important?

A fashion niche builds a community and invites the target audience to the blog. When you decide on the fashion niche, you will create suitable content that includes the right offerings. This will also meet the quality expectations of your target audience.

This way, you will earn a dedicated target audience and meet their expectations. Thus, you should focus on a single fashion niche as it will increase your buying rates and brand loyalty.

How to choose a blog niche?

Sometimes, finding the most suitable fashion niche a bit stressful because the fashion industry has various niches. You can decide on a fashion niche for your blog if you have answers to the following questions.

Why do you want a fashion blog?

There is always a reason behind launching any blog and so the idea of opening a fashion blog must have arose in your mind. Because without any interest you can not showcase your true love of fashion online. Also, it is vital to decide whether your blog should be informative, promotional, or you can use a blog to sell products.

When you decide the purpose of a fashion blog and the messages you want to communicate, you will have a clear goal that helps you to narrow down the fashion blog niche.

How to choose a demographic segment?

After identifying the blog niche, it is better to decide who you want to target. You can categorize the target audience by gender and age. Be it menswear, sportswear, childrenswear, or unisex apparel, having more segments will help you to choose a niche seamlessly.

Do you want to enter the online market or retail?

If you have made up your mind to start a blog, you also need to think of online selling. Along with the blog you can create an online store directly from the blog. To open a retail chain, it might take some time to get on track. However, opening a retail store would be a secondary option and you can think later on.

For an online store, you will have to think about the size of traffic based on demographic segments. An online store also expands blog reach and generates high conversions. We suggest that first thing for the online store than retail. However, both options are good and you can switch to any option at any time.

Location of your customers

It is vital to know the location of your customers. Because customers’ preferences and needs are based on their location. For instance: if you are from Canada and your target audience is from Asia then you have to showcase fashion trends according to Asian taste than Canadian.

Thus, it is better to keep in mind the regional differences and culture to meet the target audience’s expectations.

Types of fashion blogs

There are multiple options available to choose different types of fashion blogs. For a fresh start, here are some of the most famous types to choose from.

  • Celebrity fashion blog – According to the name, this type of fashion blog deals with celebrity styles. It is based on the latest red-carpet outfit ideas and trends. Also, you can share information on celebrity makeup tricks and skin resolutions.
  • General fashion blog – This type of blogs is based on general fashion trends. The target audience of such blogs is wide. This is one of the best options to run a fashion blog because you can create any kind of content. The subject can be shopping tips, fashion trends, latest news on the fashion industry, etc.
  • Street style fashion blog – You can inspire people by sharing street style fashion. A street style fashion blog showcases different styles of fashionable people in the streets.
  • Personal style blog – When you are a passionate fashion influencer and expert then you can share fashion sense to the world through a personal fashion blog. Subjects can be formals, casuals, red carpet dresses, chic, vintages, and any other outfit ideas that match your skill.
  • Fashion magazine blog – You can also publish a news blog for fashion where you can showcase the latest fashion news and articles related to it. You can cover news of fashion weeks, the latest collections by famous designers, and local fashion shows.
  • Online fashion store – If you have decided to publish a fashion blog along and get paid then publishing a shopping blog is a wonderful idea. The audience can shop their favorite products directly from your blog.

Step 2 – The right blogging platform

After deciding the fashion blog niche, it is time to select the right blogging platform. Because it is mandatory to pick the right blogging platform to get noticed on the Google search results.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a blogging platform where you can create, manage, and update a blog. You can also optimize with help of CMS. There is plenty of ready-made websites available to launch your first fashion blog when you’re a non-technical person.

There are two options available to choose blogging platform:

  • A free web hosting – that offers a freemium or free hosting plan
  • An open-source self-hosted blog – that is free with open-source software

Free web hosting

There are numerous free web hosting providers but among all the best ones are WordPress.com and Blogger.com.

These platforms offer automatic security updates and backups. You do not need to download anything and so it means that you will have not full control of your blog. Have a look at the various limitations when you choose free web hosting:

  • You can not remove ads
  • You don’t have access to the HTML source
  • You will have a limited choice of widgets
  • A few choices of themes
  • Can’t install plugins

Open-source self-hosted blog

This option is the best compare to free web hosting. Most of the bloggers are using WordPress.org because it is a market leader and popular blogging platform among others.

WordPress.org is easy to use and spontaneous. Even beginners can use WordPress.org very smoothly. Because its features are user-friendly and anyone can learn quickly. It also offers multiple free themes to create beautiful fashion blogs. All of these themes are captivating, responsive, and customizable.

With WordPress.org, you will have complete charge of customizing your blog. You can install any plugins, themes, and other required functionalities. It will give access to all your data.

So, whenever you decide to launch a blog with WordPress.org, you will have to decide on two prime things:

  • A web hosting provider
  • A domain name

Step 3 – Give trendy domain name

A domain name is the forever identity of your business or a brand. All you need to make the domain name memorable and catchy. Your audience can easily remember your domain name and it must be related to your blog.

No matter who you are a beginner fashionista or passionate influencer, to make your blog unique, use your name as a domain name. Here are a few characteristics of domain name:

  • It should be trendy and unique
  • Easy to recall and spell
  • It must be short and related

However, WordPress is free to use but you need to pay extra for a unique domain name and a web hosting provider. After all, your fashion blog would be a unique identity online and no one can copy that! There are various tools available to register a domain name such as Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy, DreamHost, and many more related to these.

Step 4 – Get the perfect web hosting

Now, you know the importance of a unique domain name and the same way perfect web hosting is a crucial online space where you will keep everything.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that makes your blog accessible on the internet. It will provide space to store complete blog content and files that let people connect with your blog easily.

So, it is vital to choose the best web hosting service provider who is reliable and makes your website fully functional.

Have a look at below list of trustworthy web hosting providers:


This is one of the leading cloud-based hosting platforms. Cloudways is specialized in WooCommerce and WordPress hosting. This web hosting caters to a great user experience. With Cloudways you can curate an exceptional user experience.

Key features:

  • Server & application monitoring
  • Excellent uptime
  • Staging environment
  • Very easy to set up
  • Custom varnish rules


This most popular WordPress web hosting offers the best performance to the website. This WordPress-only popular web hosting is famous for its exceptional support.

Key features:

  • A package starts from $22.50/month
  • Traffic allowed – 25,000 visits/month
  • Uptime score is 100%
  • Load time is 1.18s

However, apart from these two web hosting service providers, there are various web hosting companies in the market. You can search for them online or read this article that is specially curated for the best WordPress & WooCommerce hosting providers.

Step 5 – Setting your fashion blog on WordPress

After finalizing the domain name provider and web hosting service provider, now, let’s get started with setting up a fashion blog.

Generally, a domain name costs approx $15 yearly and web hosting normally costs $8-$10 a month.

Once you add domain name details and sign up for a web host account, you need to complete all asked details to complete the purchase. After the sign up process, you will receive a web hosting dashboard link and log in information.

Now, install WordPress by clicking the dashboard link and simply fill in all required details according to your preferences.

To setup WordPress using Cloudways, getting started with this guide.

Once you complete with the initial process of WordPress setup, move forward to select the most suitable theme for your fashion blog. There is a range of themes available online that are free and premium.

Step 6 – Choose the right fashion blog theme

Do you want to make your blog unique? There is something that you can do before begin with fashion blogging. Selecting the right and perfect WordPress theme is one of the crucial things to do. When a domain name is an identity of your blog then the theme is the face of your blog. Theme decides your blog’s feel and look. Your readers will see first what you want to show. Thus, it is important to make the first impression excellent.

Here are some of our homegrown most unique premium WordPress themes that are responsive, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and specially crafted for fashion blogs.


When it comes to fashion blog themes, we never left with the Hongo theme. This multipurpose theme is premium theme that caters to excellent shopping solutions for everyone. You can easily start your dream fashion project using its wide range of different home page styles and inner pages. If you are putting first step in the fashion industry, use Hongo and you will create a fascinating WooCommerce integrated fashion WordPress blog without any coding knowledge requirements. Try Hongo for tailor-made fashion blog solution.


POFO is one of the fashion & lifestyle blog themes that is suitable for any type of fashion blog. This would be the right choice because POFO caters to various options that will change the look and feel of your blog according to your preferences. Using its 200+ elements, you can give a modern and sleek look to your blog. This SEO-optimized theme has a strong focus on the design community. Start your fashion journey online with POFO today!


This creative WordPress theme is the perfect match for those who are in search of a clean, retina-ready, fully responsive, and elegant theme for their fashion blog. Brando specially focuses on professionalism as it caters to tailor-made and quality experiences. You can create hundreds of designer fashion blocks using its 100+ ready-made creative elements. If your main focus of creating a personal fashion blog then Brando is the easiest option to choose from.


This easy-to-use and customizable WordPress theme H-Code is a great choice for any fashion blog, magazine, and fashion news portal. This theme will never disappoint because of its power-packed customization features. H-Code theme is a fresh start for your online fashion store. You directly sell fashionable clothes and related products because it is compatible with WooCommerce plugin that lets you sell anything directly from the blog.


If you are searching for a brand-new uncluttered and responsive fashion theme then Paperio never fails your expectations. This SEO-optimized WordPress theme is specially crafted for fashionable blogs. You can start your blog with just a single click and import all demo fashion data. Be you are a novice fashion blogger or expert, you can install and use this theme very easily without writing a single line of code. Give Paperio a good try today!

Apart from these premium themes, there are also free WordPress themes available. You can also refer to this article that is related to the best fashion WordPress themes.

After installing a premium fashion theme, you can also accessorize your blog with required plugins. There are more than 58000+ plugins offered by WordPress.org. However, some of the useful plugins are:

  • MailChimp – for bulk emails
  • WPML multilingual plugin for multiple language
  • Yoast SEO – SEO plugin
  • WooCommerce – to sell online

Step 7 – Start off publishing fashion content & promote your blog

Till this step, we have covered everything useful to start a fashion blog. After installing themes and plugins, you can start blogging. You are all set to hit the fashion runway!

To make it famous, you need to consider some vital factors that will promote your fashion blog. Because your blog is new and you don’t have any idea about the target audience. So, the promotion of your blog will help you to establish your fashion niche.

With promotion techniques, your blog will get more eyes on your fashion sense. Here are a few factors that will guide you to promote a fashion blog:

  • Collaboration with fashion influencers
  • Boost your blog posts
  • Make a weekly social media marketing plan
  • Chase your competitor
  • Own your niche

These are the best way to market your fashion blog and build a trustworthy relationship with your target audience.

Step 8 – How to monetize your blog

Your fashion blog can generate income. Along with helping people look best, you can also make money with fashion blogging. There are various options available to make money from the fashion blog. This is the same as blog promotion. Look at the below ways to monetize your blog:

  • You can sell fashionable apparel online directly from the blog.
  • With the help of paid collaboration in terms of sponsored content.
  • By sponsoring Instagram posts.
  • To earn more, you can also start your YouTube channel related to your fashion blog.
  • Selling ad space on the blog using Google AdSence.
  • By joining any affiliate marketing program for instance, Amazon Associates.
  • Last, become a brand ambassador.

From these ways, you can get paid.


Fashion is the top-notch industry in 2023 and when you are passionate about fashion then no one will stop you! You can share your fashion knowledge through the blog. Your blog can be inspiring, exciting, and adventurous.

From starting by selecting a niche to end with monetizing the blog, you will have an unforgettable journey. If you care for your fashion blog and stick with it, you will gain a more like-minded audiences and followers who are genuine.

Wishing you a successful fashion blogger with an engaged target audience! Good luck!

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