14 Oct 2020 IN Magento

Magento code audit

What is a Magento Code Audit?

Magento code audit for your eCommerce website site is like a one kind of report card. Magento code audits accesses how your site is doing in different areas. With the Magento code audits, Magento Developer reviews your Magento core code, any customized code, and any additional third party extensions code. It is also a deep analysis into the source code of site’s bugs, performance, security, and much more with Magento standard coding formats.

What does it include with the Magento Code Audit?

Magento general audits

  • Analyse the Magento code core changes
  • Check the website optimization and performance review (highlighting core issues)
  • Analyse the website theme and front-end assets
  • Analyse the database performance
  • Analyse the caching, indexing and check out issues
  • Detect and resolve the JS errors from the browser console

Magento code core audit

  • Check whether it is customized or hacked or not
  • Audit the affect on site security & stability
  • Audit the upgrade process in the future as well
  • Audit the third-party modules based on Magento coding standard which is installed and configured on the website
  • Audit the custom developed modules based on Magento coding standard

Magento third party extension code audit

  • Analyse all third party extensions
  • Review all custom extensions code and quality in detail
  • Identify all possible performance enhancement with the third party extensions

Magento security & support code audit

  • Review of magento versions
  • Review of security patches and known vulnerabilities
  • Adding security services that may be of value
  • Data flow analysis
  • Configuring admin panel settings
  • Monitor and track patterns of insecure code

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