14 Oct 2020 IN Magento

Magento customization to improve your ecommerce solution

Using the Magento platform you can setup your own eCommerce business. As per the current trends for eCommerce you need to think more than what Magento already offers you. You can check the few points as below which we use for our experience to develop a custom Magento website and tell you how Magento customization can increase your business.

Custom magento themes

Custom Magento themes allow you to customize the look and feel of your website with your website logo and product images. In addition to this, custom Magento themes will help you to deliver exceptional user experience to your online store.

You can implement the list of below few features to create a good Custom Magento theme.

  • Analysis of your current ecommerce business
  • Add / Update all required categories in your website catalogue
  • Add / Updates all types of attributes and products in your website catalogue
  • Use the high quality branded images / videos for your products and categories
  • Custom magento theme design should be user friendly also

Custom magento extensions

Custom magento extensions are developed for those features which aren’t covered in third party extensions but are needed for your website stores. Also, custom magento extensions will continue to be improved in the store and upgraded for as long as you want based on the Magento version release.

PWA standards

A “Progressive Web Application” (PWA) is an application software that is delivered through the web and built using various web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.PWA is a bunch of technologies that permit you to deliver same web applications like native apps.

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