14 Oct 2020 IN Magento, WordPress

Everything you need to know about progressive web applications (PWA)

Have you ever heard of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

If not then you are not alone and if you have heard about PWA, it was confusing as there is lot written and shared about PWA. Some of them are misleading and some of the information might wrong. To gain perfect knowledge about progressive web applications, consider this article as we will going to lift all fog related to PWA and so you will be more confident about what PWA basically is and why progressive web applications will become best choice to move your business further.

Progressive web application

In simple terms, PWAs are websites that is combination of the latest technologies or APIs, design concepts, and best practices to deliver the great user experiences to all platforms. On other words, PWAs are websites that feel like apps that you can find in play store or app store. They also can accessed with conventional URL. PWAs are also SEO friendly sites.

In recent years, PWAs have grown with the most responsive and optimized features in technical industry. PWAs have plethora of benefits to share.


Fast & reliable

Nowadays, fast web experience is very vital. Progressive web apps provide fast web experience with meaningful content and excellent web experience. Compare to native apps, PWAs are reliably fast to deliver amazing user experience.


All progressive web applications are installable and can run in all browsers and compatible with all modern devices. They look and behave alike of other installed apps. You can control launch experience of progressive web applications and also handle customized screens, icons.

Mobile & desktop

All progressive web applications are using responsive design techniques as they are compatible with all latest devices be it mobile, desktop or tablet. Compare to native app, progressive web applications use single code base between all platforms.

Update independently

Progressive web applications are updated independently without requiring special treatment. The end user does not need to visit play store and other similar programs to update and download the latest version.

Less device space

Unlike other mobile apps, PWA does not need more space on the user device. It does not require storage and regular updates to use user’s home screen.

App icons

Compare to native app, progressive web applications have app icon as an identity. This feature help your brand to stay on the top of the target audience mind and enhance user’s engagement.

Function like native apps

PWAs have same features like native apps without relying on an internet browser. Apart from this, progressive web applications are also featured with responsive designs to enhance user experience.


When you use progressive web application, it will visible in all web browsers. So, we can say that PWAs are SEO friendly as they are searchable for users.

Work Offline

With progressive web application, you use content from the app without using an internet. They use internet once during downloading process to your device. Thanks to PWAs, your users will never see the running dinosaur.

Send push notifications

Whenever you want to share recent news and latest updates of your brand or business, you can send push notification to your clients through progressive web applications.

How progressive web apps work

It will first start with a new tab. When a user pays visit Chrome Dev Summit for multiple times. That’s sign that user might has interest in the content for coming future. So, interesting page and browser meets the frequency criteria. On the first load, nothing will happen to avoid spam.

Look at below points to check the working process of progressive web apps.

  • First of all, a user will get an invitation from the browser to keep a website remembered as an app on their home screen. This all happens by thanking the power of Web App Manifest.
  • A user may cancel the app install banner or make a visit again using the same app. The banner will not appear again, when user will install progressive web app.
  • Using PWA, user revisits the app any time he wants. It will also work offline. However, there is some limitation. It’s the magic of progressive web app to stay responsive and fast.

(Note: the capabilities of progressive web applications are now extend limitation to the desktop. Thus, user will soon get the app on his computers.)

Need Help with progressive web application services?

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Progressive web applications are wave of coming future. They hold amazing benefits over mobile apps and web pages because of their bespoke architecture. So, it is clear that progressive web applications will stay long and strong. If you are thinking for a growing business, consider investing in a PWA rather than an ordinary site.

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