24 May 2021 IN eCommerce

The ultimate guide: Pre-launch checklist for your WooCommerce store

Building and launching a WooCommerce store for your clients or yourself is ultimate a lot of work. It connects with many parts that create a successful online store. To avoid launch day mistakes and celebrate the success of your store, you must consider a pre-launch checklist that helps you get things done right and delivers expected results.

There are many things that you need to properly check before the big day. If you are a novice and not sure which things to check before launching a website, this simple pre-launch checklist will keep your things on the right track. To know about this miracle, you have come to the right place. Because this piece of writing will inform with the most comprehensive pre-launch checklist.

Essential pre-launch checklist for your eCommerce store

1. Find the perfect niche

Before launching an online store, you need to decide what type of products you want to sell. Sometimes chosen business niche not feasible and harm your online retail store journey.

To identify a product category, you need to follow three basic steps:

  • Select the multiple product categories
  • Do market research
  • Perform competitor analysis

These three basic steps will make your task easy and make your search for products refined that suitable for the eCommerce business.

Select the multiple product categories

To choose the perfect niche, you need to collect more than three product categories. This can be your personal preferences or your relatives’ and friends’ suggestions. Once you gathered various options, you can filter as per marketing trends.

Do market research

This is a process of collecting and knowing more about consumers’ needs. When you do market research, you will find out the product’s sustainability. For instance – if you choose seasonable products, you will not able to sell over the year. After doing market research, you will get better ideas for your eCommerce websites.

Perform competitor analysis

When you do competitor analysis, you will get a better idea of your business well. Through this, you will know which products to choose and avoid. You will also get a better idea of the product marketing, website performance, and suitable website content.

2. Design & content for your WooCommerce store


Content and design both come to the top priority. They are an integral part of a website because content and design are where the user interaction starts. So, it is a must to keep a close eye on both and build great content and design strategies. This will also help you in better conversions.

However, there are a few mistakes that need to be avoided and these are:

Don’t ignore grammatical errors

Always look for any spelling errors and grammatical mistakes on each corner and page of your website. These will hold your business fame and make your site look unprofessional.

No lorem ipsum

Lorem ipsum is a dummy text used by web developers during website creation. So, make sure that you will replace dummy text with unique content according to your business.

All download links are in working condition

When download links of your website are not working condition, it may last bad impression and users will jump to another website. So, it is vital to check downloadable files in working condition.

Add a 404 page

Sometimes user tries to reach a web page that does not exist on your website and find a blank page. This situation creates confusion for users. And so a 404 page can make users aware that this page is not available and users go to the home page.


Design is one of the important aspects of any website. Be it a professional business website or an online store, design is the thing that attracts users. So, website design should be eye-catching because it is the first thing that a user looks at. You can modify your website design by installing premium themes and plugins.

But, what part of the design you should check?

High-quality images

Most of the website users ignore the quality of images. If the image quality is low it may slower your online store. To faster website, you need to reduce the image size without compromising quality. You can achieve this feat by using tools like Photoshop and other online image compression tools.

Consistent brand colors

If you want to create a lasting impression on your WooCommerce store, you must follow a set of brand colors and stick with those. This will make your site outstanding and maintain the design aesthetics of a website.

Responsive design

These days users are using all types of modern devices to access your store online and so responsiveness is a must. It is essential that your website can be browsed easily from any modern devices including mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.

Browser compatibility

Before launching your website, you must check all browsers compatibility in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, etc.

Retina-ready logo

Other than regular devices, some devices use a retina-ready display that has more pixels. So, you must separate a retina logo for your website.

3. The functionality of the WooCommerce website

No matter how unique your content is or how well structured your website design looks. These both do not even matter when the functionality of your website is not working properly. You must check two important functionalities such as eCommerce functionality and other website functionalities.

4. Website backup & security for your eCommerce store

You should not take website security and backup lightly. Because your website growth may become a target for hackers and other evil-doers. You must protect your eCommerce website with strict measures. Also, backing up your website data is suggested to avoid unexpected website failures or server crashes. You must check the working firewall of your website by installing a WordPress firewall plugin and other security plugins.

5. Vital pages of your online store

Each website has several pages including homepage, product pages, and other important pages. When you decorate these pages, your website will attract more visitors.

Captivating homepage

A homepage is the first impression of your online store. According to one report, more than 55% of visitors spend 15 seconds on a website before making a purchase. A homepage should be precise and not flooded with all products. Always choose a creative homepage that invites more users and lets them stay longer on the website.

Product pages

This is another important page of your website. Because it consists of each detail of the product. So, make sure you provide all required details including images that help your customers to decide the final products.

Checkout pages

This page should be impressive because it is a dream page of your website. Because every business owner wants their customers to go to this page and make an order. That’s why you should keep the checkout page fascinating yet easy to navigate.


So, before making move on website launch, always test and consider this detailed guide. Because checking the pre-launch checklist of your website is the best way to find any glitches. If you have any queries related to WooCommerce or WordPress, contact us now and get complete solutions.

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