14 Oct 2020 IN Magento

A brief about CSS in Magento 2

Sometime we need to design module according to themes. Because different themes have different layouts. So, it is mandatory to create a universal module for themes. And so here comes the need of CSS. The main advantage of CSS is that it builds a uniform look of all pages of the website. With the help of CSS, developers specify all the visual configurations in a single document. This save a great amount of time and effort. Apart from these, any alternations in the styles are directly applied to all the pages that was utilized for. Besides this, CSS is responsive and so it compatible with all modern devices and browsers so that you don’t need any special optimization.

So, with all of these advantages, CSS have become an essential aspect of Magento 2 frontend development. A good Magento developer must knows the importance of CSS knowledge.

What is CSS in magento 2?

In simple terms, the full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. Basically, it is a style sheet language that is used to describe theme presentation written in different markup language like HTML. It is the most famous technology across the world. With its quality of controlling multiple web pages at once, CSS saves a lot of developer’s work.

If different styles are specified for HTML elements, the styles will cascade into new styles with the following priority:

Priority 1: Inline styles

Priority 2: External and internal style sheets

Priority 3: Browser default

If different styles are defined on the same priority level, the last one has the highest priority.

Advantages of cascading style sheets (CSS)

Great control of presentation

CSS allows more control of presentation of your web pages because it provides multiple formatting options than HTML and these options control the spacing and leading text. Apart from this benefit, CSS also provides greater control over various media platforms. With the help of CSS, your visitors can directly print your web pages directly through the web browsers.

Search engine optimization

CSS helps your web pages to get found in a search engine as CSS site has lightweight and contains less code then other frameworks. Also, structure of your CSS site very simple. So, it very easy to read and load faster then other sites.

Fast web page downloading time

When you use CSS, it will help the downloading time of web page. All code will be placed in one separate file so that the code will be cached in the browser after the initial request. So, with this process, the code does not need to be download again for next web pages which makes web page load faster.

Easy to maintain

CSS is simple and easy to use. You can manage CSS through Magento 2 and make a global change by changing styles, colors, and other elements in all web pages. All these changes will be updated automatically so you don’t need any special attention to this. So, always think for CSS without investing much time in research for other style sheets and frameworks.

Compatible with multiple devices & browsers

Cascading style sheets are responsive and so they are compatible with all modern devices and different web browsers. CSS will increase site’s adaptability by ensuring more visitors can view your site and turn into a potential customers.

CSS saves time

If you want to save time while site loading and downloading, you must use CSS in Magento 2. Thorough CSS, you will experience bandwidth reduction as CSS separates your site content through its design language which dramatically reduce file size which results in time saving. So, the reduction in bandwidth will result in faster load time by cutting your web hosting costs.

Global web standards

Now, it is being recommended to use CSS rather than HTML and other markup languages. Because HTML attributes are being deprecated. When you start using CSS in all the HTML web pages, your site pages will become compatible with different web browsers.

Bottom line

After considering this piece of writing about CSS in Magento 2, we hope that you got what you’re looking for and understand how to use CSS in your site. Moreover, if you are looking for any professional help for Magento development, we are always there to solve your queries by fulfilling exceptional Magento development services.

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