21 Apr 2021 IN eCommerce

Why is a good website design should be a top priority for the eCommerce business?

Consumers today shop and research much differently. As per “The 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report – almost two-thirds (62 percent) of potential customers won’t consider a business if they can’t find it online.”


Compared with the past, today, customers are changing their shopping preferences and shifted to online shopping. They also do profound research about the companies by comparing services and products online. And last, they ended up buying a quality brand product online at a competitive price. According to the McKinsey report, one company increased eCommerce sales by 21% by shifting from traditional advertisement to web content.

A good web design is a must for any type of eCommerce business. All you want your customers can easily navigate through a website to end up their search to purchase. If visitors have an unforgettable experience they will revisit your site and make a purchase. This same applies to an eCommerce store. If your eCommerce shop delivers a smooth shopping experience to customers, they will more likely to return and buy again. A great user experience makes the process of shopping smooth and easy for both you and your customers. Thus, your eCommerce business not only gains more revenue but also satisfies customers.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the impact of good eCommerce web design that successfully generates more revenue and invites reliable customers.

Intuitive UX

When your website offers a bad user experience, visitors will not convert into potential ones. This is the main reason for shopping cart abandonment that means visitors leave the site without making a single purchase. Unattractive website design is one of the most faced problems. Designers work hard to deliver seamless design effects.

If you want to simplify an online shopping experience for your visitors, you need to consider usability and accessibility. For instance: when you limit the fields during the checkout process, the user won’t get confused by answering too many questions. In the eCommerce business, personalized content and smart product suggestions are popular. These factors give a high conversion rate and improve user experience. Thus, intuitive UX design for the eCommerce business is recommended for the better online shopping experience.

Responsive design

These days most of the retail businesses are going online. According to the “ State of Mobile Report, more than 56% of consumer traffic to the leading US websites is from the mobile device.” So, to capture more traffic to your website, you need to choose the right theme that is optimized for mobile. There are endless advantages of responsive website design and it also enables your website to adjust itself to any device.

Websites that lacking responsive design are likely to drive away visitors. For better SEO rankings, Google uses mobile-readiness as a ranking signal and one report says that 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they have a better mobile experience. So, when you are planning to reserve an online space for your business, taking care of micro-interactions, simplified interface design practices is a must because these improve the page loading time, content hierarchy, and support.

Easy navigation

A potential customer will visit your site at various points of his journey. From the discovery of the product stage to making the purchase, site navigation plays a vital role to convert a potential customer into a buyer. Whenever the user tries to buy anything from your website should be able to locate the required product easily without any distractions. Your site’s navigation should be smooth for directing and assisting customers. Also, it should be clean and organized.

The website navigation must be easy to locate with a particular category and sub-category. Because, if the user fails to find a particular product on the website, he will jump to the competitor website and purchase from there. A dedicated search bar is important for all types of eCommerce businesses because it allows users to find required products.

Call to actions

When you put a well-designed call to action (CTA) button in the perfect place, it will convert visitors into customers. Ordinary CTAs are failed to grab users’ attention without encouraging them for the next steps. With effective web design, your call to action button should be stand out and attract visitors. For attractive CTA, consider contrasting colors, texts, space, size, and effective copywriting.

High resolution photography

Always consider the product first. Online, professional looks are everything and so unprofessional product and service images fail to delight visitors. You should know that online customers will not touch and feel product quality. So, the best way to showcase product quality is with high resolution photography. Poor focus, bad lighting, low quality images make your site look unrealistic.

With 360 degrees approach, the customer will get a better understanding of products. When you adopt the creative approach to high-quality photography, you will go long way with potential customers and also increase brand awareness. Be it a premium brand or casual brand, to secure the strong space online, enable people’s feeling through photographs.

Think mobile

Today, most online sales happen through mobile. Many people are looking and searching for products from their fingertips. You need to make website content scannable by ensuring your website looks great on mobile devices and appeal to a wide range of customers. Now, it is vital to make your website looks good on mobile and computers.

Build brand identity

Your website is the perfect place where you will make the brand image by compiling all visual elements. A consistent web design, reflect your brand online and help visitors to remember your site without any hassle. Building a brand identity is very essential because with this customers will remain positive with your brand and associate long-term with your services and products.

Concisely written content

High-quality photography and unique website content go hand-in-hand. These elements have power your online presence among competitors. Creative website content helps your customers to understand your brand well because honestly, no one has an interest in lengthy and boring paragraphs. When you keep website content crisp and concise, customers can easily digest brand information and make purchase decisions. Also, consider choosing website language according to your target audience. For instance: if you own any kid’s brand, its content should be more fun and casual.


We know that there are plenty of reasons available that educate us on why choosing a better website design for eCommerce business is the topmost priority, but for us, these are the most important and worth remembering. To make your eCommerce business stand out, creatively curated website designs on the top priority!

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