14 Oct 2020 IN WordPress

Top notch reasons that motivate to use WooCommerce For eCommerce Site

According to recent report, more than 34% of the best selling eCommerce stores across the world are powered by WooCommerce with approx 76,500,500 downloads. This shows that WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform among all other platforms namely Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, 3dcart, Volusion, Prestashop, Weebly, Wix, etc.

WooCommerce is one of the WordPress plugin that is used to build an online store. With WooCommerce plugin, you can build eCommerce store with an ease. Most of the traditional businesses have shifted to the online platform to gain popularity across the world. Compare to all content management platforms, WordPress is robust platform of powering websites.

Using WordPress as an operating system, you can build full-fledged online store using a single plugin named WooCommerce. Through WooCommerce plugin, you can own online store in a few minutes with zero hassle.

If you want to go deep with WooCommerce plugin, it is vital to understand the advantages of WooCommerce plugin that motivate you to use when you have thought to build an online store using WordPress platform.

Safe & secure

Compare to other content management platforms, WordPress is very easy, safe, and secure platform. And so WooCommerce is one of the plugins of WordPress, it provides safe and secure selling process.

When you start to run your business with WooCommerce, you can get everything

With a click away. You will have every option to navigate. It is very easy to

Operate and manage. You just need a desire to start an online business.

It’s a strong analytics tool

Nowadays, analytics is very essential when you own an online business. That’s WooCommerce provides you an amazing analytics tool that helps you to get a better understanding of your business and customers. You can also integrated with other analytics tool like “Google Analytics”.

Easy to install

WordPress is amazing content management system. Installing a plugin using WordPress is very easy and so, you can easily install WooCommerce plugin. You just need plugin section in your WordPress dashboard. By clicking “add new” button, you can install WooCommerce plugin.

Build an attractive eCommerce store

To build an attractive eCommerce store with WooCommerce, you do not need any technical knowledge. Be it beginner and expert, you can create robust eCommerce store using WooCommerce plugin in minutes without applying a single line of code.

Easy to track shipment

To build a strong relationship with customer, an updated status of tracking shipment is required. With WooCommerce, it is very easy to share shipment status that helps you to win customer trust.

Easy to create discount coupon

This is an amazing feature that you can not avoid. Creating a discount coupon is very effective yet important feature of WooCommerce as customer always loves offers and discounts. This way you can also increase business sales.

Different payment methods

When you own an eCommerce store, managing payments quite daunting. But have no worries when you have WooCommerce as it provides different trusted payment options that motivate your customer to buy products and services only from your site. WooCommerce payment method includes various payment options such as bank transfer, COD, and PayPal.

Creative & extensive theme options

As WooCommerce is part WordPress, there are amazing creative and clean WooCommerce integrated themes available in the market place. You can choose from number of extensive themes for your store. Using such themes, you can give a hand-crafted look to your online store without any hassle.

Hongo is one of the WooCommerce themes which is modern yet multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress theme. This theme is specially crafted for eCommerce store, company website and blogs. When you use Hongo theme, it will help your online store through its fascinating features as Hongo is creative, responsive yet search engine optimized theme. You can power your strong with Hongo theme because this theme comes with robust settings that will help you to create professional looking and highly conversion optimized online store.

If you are looking for WooCommerce WordPress themes like Hongo. You can get more information by clicking here.

Easy to customize

No matter who are you, a beginner or expert. Using WooCommerce is very easy thing to do. You can customize your online store as per you needs easily with WooCommerce. There are numerous features that are very easy to navigate.

SEO friendly

An SEO friendly online store is all you wanted. SEO is necessary to rank your store on the first page of Google result. So, WooCommerce is compatible with SEO which will help your store to rank top in the Google search engine results.

Smooth integration

When you use WooCommerce plugin for your eCommerce store, you can integrate with other marketing tools easily. With WooCommerce third party integration has became smooth and secure.

Built-in-blogging feature

When you own an online store, sharing an update with your customer and target audience is vital. And so WooCommerce has built-in-blogging feature that helps you to share amazing content related to your products and services easily with your audience.

Bottom line

Whether you own an online store or offline business, it is essential to maintain a business reputation. To make a good business, you need user-friendly and secure plugin like WooCommerce and content management system like WordPress. Through these you can present your business online in an effective way. To know more about WooCommerce and WordPress connect us with your queries. We can help you to create robust online store using WooCommerce and WordPress.

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