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WordPress speed optimization Plugins 2020 – Boost WordPress Speed & Performance

Do you want to boost your WordPress site’s speed and its performance? If yes then keep on reading this piece of writing. A speed optimization plugins are vital when you want to improve your site’s user experience & its page view. And so, a speed optimization plugin is must to stick in the competition. To know more about different speed optimization plugins, please read on as we’ve covered wide range of popular WordPress speed optimization plugins that are used in 2020.

Considering this article, you will able to find best plugins for cache, minify JS/CSS/HTML content, lazy load, CDN, object caching to increase your website page speed. And to check your site performance, you can use You can check your site Gtmetrix, Pingdom Website Speed Test or Google PageSpeed Insights.

Here are list of the best WordPress speed optimization plugins.


W3 total cache

W3 Total Cache (W3TC) improves the SEO, user experience and increase website performance. It is trusted by millions of web developers, hosting companies and used widely in many of WordPress websites. It is perfect solution for optimizing WordPress website. It supports setting up cache, page cache, object cache, CDN, mobile respective cache support, AMP support, SSL support, CSS/JS minifying and caching, feeds cache, search results pages cache, database object caching on disk or memory, minify HTML, GRIZ compression and many more options.

WP rocket


WP Rocket is a paid WordPress website optimization plugin that manages instant automatic caching. It is very popular caching tool and suitable for beginners because it doesn’t require any coding skills. You can simply configuration with functions like Page caching, Sitemap preloading, Cache preloading, Browser caching, GZIP compression, Minification / Concatenation, Database optimization, Google Fonts optimization, Lazyload, CDN, Defer JS loading and many more features.

WP fastest cache


WP Fastest Cache plugin is easy to use and easy to set up.There are free & paid versions of WP Fastest Cache. Paid version coming with some more functions and features. Using free version, you can do minify JS/CSS/HTML, cache, CDN, Flush cache, SSL support, Cloudflare support and also you can exclude page, post or user-agents with block cache.

In paid version, you can use Gzip compression, Leverage Browser Caching, Expires Headers, merge JS, merge CSS and disabling Emoji and there are many fore features.



Perfmatters is different plugin than other plugins which makes your site speedy. It increases page speed by reducing number of HTTP requests, minimizing back-end load. It is lightweight plugin with no JS on the frontend. Every features are managed with single click enable/disable options.

Using Perfmatters, you can disable emojis, embeds, query strings, WP version number, etc. Also you can do CDN rewrite, lazy load for images and many other features.

WP super cache


WP Super Cache is widely used by web developers and it has 2+ million active installations. It provides easy and simple setup process. Core part of this plugin is that it is generating static HTML files from dynamic WP blogs. so basically it serves HTML files to your users and it is very speedy. It provides cool cache, pages cache, CDN support, rebuild cache, many more features with no cost.

There are 3 modes of serving cache files. Expert, Simple and WP-Cache caching. Beginners user should use simple mode as there should be no needs to edit php files and it is simple and easy to manage for such users.



Autoptimize plugin has 1+ million active installations and it was originally created by Frank Goossens in 2013. It is free and open source plugin. Using this plugin you can minify CSS, JS, Scripts, defer aggregated full CSS, Lazy load images, WebPage, Google fonts optimization, disable or remove WP core emojis.

Cache enabler


This plugin generates static HTML files that stores files on the web server storage disk and web server serves static HTML file. This will make your site load very fast when user access your website and it also improves your website performance. This plugin is created by KeyCDN. Many users are using this plugin in their websites. Till today there are more than 80K + active installations of this plugin.

WP smush


WP Smush plugin is created by WPMU DEV and it has already 1+ million active installation in WordPress websites. Basically this plugin serves optimized images with removing unnecessary bytes from images. There are many other tools that can optimize images but you can lose quality and you can see visual quality difference in images but while using WP Smush plugin, it will optimize image but you can not notice any difference in image quality virtually.

Using this plugin, you can optimize your website images, enable lazy load, resize images, compress images and it can increase your website speed score at Google Page Speed. All functions are automated so no coding skill required, setup it easy and you can use it easily without having any issues.


LiteSpeed cache

LiteSpeed Cache plugin is free and open source WordPress plugin. To run this plugin in your website, your hosting should have LiteSpeed web server and enabled cache module. It’s provide many features to deliver best speed for your website. This plugin serves server level full page cache, optimized images, private cache, JS/CSS/HTML minification, CSS/JS merge, CDN support, Browse cache support, Lazy load images and database optimization.

LiteSpeed is compatible with many other plugins and almost 800K active installation in WordPress websites.

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