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Every store has its individual demand for performance and speed because the conversion rate is directly related to the performance of store. Because site downtime affect negatively to your store in terms of Google ranking and potential customers. We offer a full set of Magento performance optimization services that aim to speed up any type of Magento store and site. Our Magento developers create an endless opportunities for your site to attract more potential customers.


About magento performance optimization

In simple terms, Magento performance optimization services help your store with better shopping experience to your online visitors. Website speed and performance is crucial part, when it comes to store sales and conversions. With our Magento performance optimization services you can easily make your online Magento store with enhanced customer experience and efficiency.

As we are in this field for more than 10 years and now, we are expert to look for loopholes, identify & analyze the issues to optimize your store without any hassle. We also make sure that you get the most from your Magento storefront.

What we cover in magento performance optimization service

Enable flat catalog and compilation

By enabling flat catalog, you can allow offloading the number of the database if there is any request of showing products. This reduce the MySQL query complexity. So, we try to cover every angle to make your site performance faster.

CSS and JS merging & minifying

When we minify and merge CSS and JS, it improves general performance and load time of your store that enable production mode as it reduce the white / blank space in those files and reduce the requests also.

Image optimization

Product image plays a vital role when you own an online Magento store. However, image size does affect on store performance and speed. So, Magento image compression helps to boost your store by keeping store visitors in a good mood.

Content delivery network (CDN)

We provide excellent content delivery network integration services to accelerate the delivery of content to your customers by using nearby servers. Our developers can also set up CDN service with your store.

Time to first byte (TTFB)

Basically TTFB is a measurement that used to indicate the response of web server or other network resources. Our performance optimization service helps to measure the duration of HTTP request to the first byte of the page. When you improve the time to first byte, your site’s speed will better and it will also optimize for SEO.

Full page caching

Our Magento performance services consist of full page caching that improves your online store speed and response time. Basically, a cached page will get stored, when a customer make a first visit to your store. So, in second time, a cached page takes less time to load in browser.

Enable compression & leverage browser caching

Our optimization services help to enable site compression that speed up your store by saving internet data of site visitor. It also decreases HTTP requests that save bandwidth of website server.

Installation and configuration of redis

When you want to improve the performance of your online store, Redis is an essential tool. We help to install and configure a Redis – database server on your Magento store which supports backend caching of database.

Reducing HTTP requests

Our Magento performance optimization services help your store by reducing HTTP requests. Because, whenever your web page loads, every time a browser sends an HTTP request to the server.

Set production mode

We make your live Magento store in production mode. Because it utilizes a full page cache. It also improves site performance by delivering all required static files.

Benefits of magento speed optimization

Faster page load speed

With the help of Magento speed optimization services, your online store loads faster than never before. When your store loads fast, your site visitors enjoy exceptional user experience.

Improved user experience

Magento site performance optimization services can work well for your online store. By availing these services, you can improve user experience as well as generate high conversions. Our certified developers leverage dozens of speed optimization techniques to boost user experience of your eCommerce store.

Enhanced conversion rates

When store performance is better, it also enhances the conversion rates. Our specialists mainly focus on extracting the best out of your Magento store through high store performance and compelling user experience for high conversions.

Boosted search engine result pages (SERPs) rankings

When your site performance is poor, it may has various cause including low search engine page ranking. With our excellent Magento performance optimization services, there is strong chance of high search engine ranks. Our services boost the performance of your eCommerce store.

Powered profitability

When your eCommerce store is at top level of performance, the conversion rate is also high. With performance optimization services, your online business grows faster and becomes more profitable.

We help you by making your magento store faster

We believe that every eCommerce store has its own needs when it comes to speed & performance. We identify each store’s individual requirements & approach. Starting with bespoke site audit to site performance, we identify and develop suitable strategy to bring maximum outputs.

Progressive web applications

Optimized hosting set-ups

Custom performance solutions

Third-party extension investigation

Upgrade services

Page & code audits

Satisfied clients

General clean-up

Cache configuration

Code optimization

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