Magento to Shopify Migration Service

Enhance Your Ecommerce Store's Scalability With Seamless Magento To Shopify Migration

What is Shopify Migration Service?

Is your Magento website outdated, still using Magento 1, or just costing you excessive amounts to host, upgrade, and maintain? Are you prepared to start over with a fully functional website built on the simple and reasonably priced Shopify platform? For busy eCommerce sellers, Shopify is simpler to maintain, has an outstanding selection of premium themes, and can be customized with bespoke design. At LinkSture, we can assist in making the transition from Magento to Shopify as seamless as possible if you’re ready to do so. More than just transferring your data and content is required when setting up a new Shopify site. To create a beautiful and completely functional Shopify site, we can also alter the store’s layout & style and apply the necessary store setting.

Why You Should Migrate Magento to Shopify

In the evolution time of development, Magento to Shopify migration put you on the safe side with justified reasons. In fact, Shopify is among the top eCommerce platforms you may use in 2024.

Development Cost

With Shopify’s reasonably priced hosted option, upgrades take place automatically and are always backward compatible, ensuring that your website is always running the most recent version without the risk of a theme or website breaking due to an upgrade.

Adaptable Structure

Your website will be able to handle the growing demands as your firm expands. The Shopify platform will adapt to your demands so that growth over time, high-volume sales, and traffic spikes are all handled flawlessly.

Quick Servers

Ecommerce websites that are too slow might quickly irritate users. Because Shopify servers are so strong and consistently quick, customers will always have a wonderful buying experience on your website.

Technical Support

You may feel secure knowing that Shopify provides free, round-the-clock support via phone, online chat, or email.

Strong Security

There is no doubt that Shopify is one of the most trusted and safest eCommerce platforms. It offers regular updates to shield the store from flaws and has an embedded SSL certificate for the store hosted on it.

Index of SEO

Compared to other eCommerce platforms, Shopify is incredibly SEO friendly. It is simple thanks to its built-in capabilities and functionalities. Page redirects, optimal loading times, best directory levels, URL change options, etc. comes in the benefits of Shopify SEO.

Superior Performance

The robust eCommerce platform Shopify is made to manage demanding operations. It is well-known for being a quick and effective eCommerce platform.

Integrations with 3rd Party

With the ability to connect additional third-party connectors such as payment gateways, CRM, and ERP, Shopify is an integration-friendly platform that helps merchants’ backend operations run more smoothly.

Plus Point of Magento to Shopify Migration

It’s Simpler to Set Up

Shopify is easier to set up than your Magento 1.x and takes less time. It offers an easy-to-use admin interface, and you won’t have to worry about anything complicated like hosting an online store.

It Offers Customization

Shopify offers you a wider selection of themes than Magento does. You won’t have to settle any longer after reading through these themes because you’ll see practically every alternative available. It can be edited to take on the exact appearance you like.

It’s More Dependable

All of your important data, including client information, is highly safe in Shopify. There are many safety precautions taken to protect the data. Additionally, it keeps your server updated so that clients can easily visit the site whenever they want.

Options for Payment Gateways

Shopify provides customers with more than 100 international payment choices. The stack is continually updated and expanded with new payment gateways. Users from all around the world will be able to purchase from you thanks to these channels.

Added Theme Choices

Depending on your demands, Shopify’s vast array of themes might cost anywhere from free to $350. Another way to employ a Shopify developer is to post a task for customized theme builds or tweaks. When compared to Magento, the various style of Shopify themes represent a sharp difference.

Services Offered in Shopify Migration


Title, picture, custom fields, description, taxes, costs, inventory, etc of the products.

Product Features

All attribute types like dimension, size, measurement, etc.


Every common file type for downloaded products.

Custom Fields

Custom fields are the best choice for your store’s products.

Price/ Inventory

Formulas for updating the data with inventory and bulk pricing.


Every previous data information including customer details, products, invoicing information, etc.


Complete client database and related information from the original store.


Accurate tax computations and history for the present store.

Discount code

Every active discount and coupon code from the older data.


All the connected details are with the manufacturer database.

Product Page

Product pages with integrated customer reviews.

Clean HTML

Taking out embedded HTML keeps the data on the live site clean.

Learn About the Features of Shopify Migration


Simple Migration Process

With a fully established process, our Shopify professionals will ensure a smooth move. You can be sure that we will effectively migrate your store to the Shopify platform, complete with all of its features and functionalities.


Secure Data Migration

All types of data including products, customers, orders, categories, coupons, photos, CMS pages, manufacturers, pricing/inventory, blogs, and content have been moved. Our Professionals will take care of this for your eCommerce store using well-known extensions and a predetermined strategy.


Preserve SEO Power

Our Shopify migration specialists take care to maintain the integrity of your store’s and its individual pages’ SEO rankings. Making sure that new website URLs precisely match existing website URLs or creating URL redirects can also be part of the process. Canonical URLs, metadata, and Schema are all taken care of by us.


Comparing data Connection b/w Products

After your Shopify store migration is finished, all of the components of your site will still be connected precisely as they were on your prior platform. At LinkSture, we will ensure that related products are mapped as necessary so that additional data entry is not required.

Our Magento to Shopify Migration Process to Hit the Target

Review the Data

At this stage, We will start reviewing all of your data that needs to be moved after confirming the scope of your migration. We’ll specify the number of source records, test the data sets and queries in your source system, and find supplemental resources.

Meet on the Table

After doing a website tool assessment with your company’s unique needs and objectives in mind, LinkSture’s experts will talk to you about which website features you want to preserve. Also, discuss design and options for new functionality to spur growth topics and give the best suggestion.

Work On Flowless Design

When creating new Shopify stores, our team of digital specialists adheres to the principle of attractive yet practical design, aiming to increase conversions and give your customers a pleasant shopping experience.

Development Followed by Design

Next, we’ll organize all of the jobs into a timeline. Once we have a smooth new Shopify website in place, we can move all of the data from your existing store there by using this roadmap to design, code, and edit it.

Migration – Heart of process

During this phase, we will move your company’s customers, orders, goods, reviews, loyalty points, shipping costs, taxes, and any other requested data to your new website. By analyzing your current content and ensuring that the aspect that is crucial for your search ranking is transferred, we’ll maintain your brand’s search rankings during the move.

Test and Release

We’ll examine and test critical elements of your store’s performance, such as your site speed, and digital architecture. And your customer path, both before and after your website releases. This is largely done to make sure we delivered the best product possible and that your website was optimized to attract customers and eventually increase sales.

Why Choose Linksture for Magento to Shopify Migration

No Downtime

No matter what platform it was running on, your current store will always be functional as it is. Because we don’t want you to lose any customers, we make sure there is never any downtime for the source store during the whole transfer process except DNS propogation time.

Technical Assistance

We are pleased to provide technical assistance and services over the phone, live chat, email, or ticket systems. You just need to have a quick talk with a member of our support staff to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Experience Specialist

We have a specialized trained team working for each platform separately, and they have over fifteen years of successful migration expertise.

Authenticated Lossless Migration

With the use of 128-bit SSL encryption and the HTTPS protocol, our team of professionals claims the most secure, lossless, and error-free migrations, assuring the protection of all the data being moved.

Elevate Your E-commerce: Experience Shopify, Farewell Magento!

Shopify theme development

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Quality assurance

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Excellent support

We never fail for quick support for your business anywhere, anytime with different modes of communication.

Affordable price

We believe in win-win formula and so we are growing together with our client’s growth. Our services are affordable to hire.

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Rest assured

Our team makes sure to serve you well when it comes to after service support because we believe in long-term partnership.

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Our tech-geeks serve wide range of expertise with complete solutions to accomplish client’s goals on the digital platform.

Strict NDA policy

We seek for trust and confidential work with every client and so our team never breaks non-disclosure agreements.

100% Work satisfaction

We are working together with result-driven approach by providing 100% satisfaction to our business partners.

Creative consultant

We leverage our development techniques by suggesting creative ideas & suggestions to propel company growth.